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Not Worked Out as Expected?

We have all been there before


You get the “bug” of making money online and signed up as an affiliate for lots of offers. You then pushed them out to your friends, family, cold lists, warm lists, waiting for the avalanche of cash to flow in.

But all you got was a trickle (at best) in, and yet you still saw no return on your time, your “sweat equity” and most likely tears.

We all see posts & screenshots of people, who are successful in internet marketing, showing us great results (sometimes incredible results) that we only wish we had a tenth of that profit for our offers (even a 100th would be nice, right?).

Surely one of your many affiliate offers should be converting by now?


The reality is that you may just be missing one or two elements to change that path you are on. 

But here is the thing

It isn’t your Fault. It truly isn’t. It was the System. Something was missing

Here is the good news…. You CAN and SHOULD BE ABLE TO make money online  with all the great offers around. There is so much abundance out there, it’s crazy. You are so close to it and just need the right “system”. 

If you haven’t made the level of money online as you expected (or any money yet for that matter), then this is for you!


In order to make money online, you need a great platform to start from as well as “TARGETED TRAFFIC

Lucky for you, there is an ideal platform out there that is a hidden gem of traffic.

And it’s Not Paid Traffic (PPC, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads etc)

You Don't Need A Website Either

This platform is so fluid with targeting people, it will work passively for you if setup right the first time to get an engaged set of eyeballs in front of your offers (and most people miss those key factors)

So you can sit back, and relax in the knowledge that your offers are now getting fresh, laser targeted eyes on your offers, while you get on with your business!

In fact, it works like gangbusters… when you do it right!

As A Seasoned Marketer working full time on this System, I wanted to make sure that what works for me in my “real world” online businesses & our clients (over and over again), would be laid out in an easy-to-follow system to “recharge” your offers.

Essentially, I've combined years of online marketing knowledge and experience into an easy to implement system that works from the start, using this hidden gem of marketing online.

I Call It LaunchJackr. No theory here. Just what works. Period.

Rinse and Repeat.

Picture yourself waking up to $10, $20 or possibly even $100 a day in your account based on getting the RIGHT person in front of your offers , passively (once setup)? Would that help? Sure it would.

Online marketing has changed over the years and now it is harder and harder to gain the attention of the right target market for each offer.

The simple beauty of Launch Jacking is it is purposely a no-fluff results-driven system that, once setup up, like yourself, allows people to passively send targeted free traffic to their offers, even the tired offers that may have been given up on promoting.

Follow My Instructions To The 'T' and YOU Too Could Start Seeing Results Like This….

Without Good Targeted Traffic, your Online Business is “Dead

Are you tired of your affiliate links or offers getting little love from your traffic?

LaunchJackr can drive a lot of engaged traffic to your offers, and ignites your business, literally.

Just to put it out there, this is NOT a “get-rich” quick system.  Sure, you can setup our system and start getting traffic almost right away, however it’s the end game you should be looking at.

Work on this daily, keep your eye on the prize, and you will reap the rewards. This isn’t one of the many courses bought that has an expiry date.

This little used system process has been implemented consistently for many years by me and shows only signs of more results as things evolve with the traffic platform.

The Affiliate Marketing Strategy I Am Going To Teach You Has Never Let Me Down, Not Once, And I Am Going To Teach You How To Do It, Like A BOSS!

Internet marketing is such a Gigantic industry, so diverse and is growing so fast that it can accommodate an uncountable number of new people…. People say it’s getting saturated LOL. The keyword “make money online” is the 2nd most searched keyword on Google after “SEX”

Everyone can be successful and make “boat loads of money;”, and my course gives you that blueprint for success.


Launch Jacking has a different approach to it. A different way to capture the eyeballs of hungry buyers and Hurl them towards your affiliate offers.

This simple yet specifically targeted 30-minute system I layout (nothing is held back) will allow you to Get in Touch with Lazer Targeted Customers (any niche) and turn on the traffic faucet to any offer, regardless of your level of expertise.

This system is so step by step, that unless you skip one of my Steps on purpose, you will start to fill your account up with hundereds of dollars worth of commissions on a daily basis

Successful marketers have been using this platform for years, however most hold back the best tidbits (those that are actually needed). I decided it was my obligation to share my knowledge. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate level marketer, or a top marketer, there is something for everyone in LaunchJackr.

Who doesn’t want to grow their business online with relatively passive systems, that work over and over again?

Only a small portion of people using this traffic source use the various steps I show you, however nobody does it as I do. That’s LaunchJackr.

So, here is where is gets good!

In just minutes from now, by investing in yourself, and in your online business future, you will be able to start bringing in affiliate commissions straight away. This includes how you will be able to:

  • Find High Converting Offers that convert like squirrels on heat
  • Instantly Connect with a global audience
  • Allow what you do on this platform to  “sell” your offer virtually without lifting a finger
  • Start Crushing it on Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank and even Amazon
  • Increase your online presence through networking
  • Sell Affiliate and Physical products

And to get you on the fast-track to experiencing ALL of that and more, I made sure it was easy to setup, easy to follow and easy to do in just 30 minutes (spending more time on it will only increase your traffic flow).

A Complete & Free Traffic Profit System

+ Comprehensive Video Training
+ Free Softwares
+ scripts

by Jono Armstrong (that’s me below….)

Jono Armstrong
Product Creator
Internet & Affiliate Marketer, online since 2007, From the UK, now based in Indonesia.

Jumpstart Your Internet Marketing Career And Earning At Least $80 A Day.

Rinse and Repeat.

If you have just started affiliate marketing or have failed in getting any success, you can reboot your experience and become a success story in no time – with, of course, the right tools and knowledge – THAT’S A PROMISE! Would that help? Sure it would.

However, knowing isn’t everything, in fact, I believe that having too much internet marketing information when you are just a beginner can do more harm than good. In most cases, it will keep you confused about what to do, never letting you get started. harder and harder This is why, I have taken the opportunity to create an affiliate marketing course for beginners, giving you the exact blueprint of the steps you have to take, the tools you need and how to use them to start making money for real.

I have been in this industry for almost 10 years now and over the years things have evolved a lot, a real lot! But it does not mean they have entirely changed. Some of the things like human psychological response to advertisements, how the brain reacts in certain circumstances and how people buy products are pretty much the same.

Earlier, there was TV and DVDs, now there’s YouTube and Netflix; definitely evolved but the idea is the same. I hope by now you understand where this is going!.... Exactly!

Platforms May Have Changed, But The Way Affiliate Marketing Works And Delivers Results Is The Same.

Jumpstart Your Internet Marketing Career Earning At Least $80 A Day.

In this course, I am going to help you start from scratch,

kick all the BS to the side

and work on things that work… will always work and will help you hit the bulls’ eye every time!

We are not going to go into the details of how affiliates work or internet marketing 101, we will keep it precise, conversion and money focused so that you are actually making money while other noobs try to figure out what to do.

Those who say that you have to create your own formula for success, they are just sweet talking you out of this industry, and in all my years as an internet marketer, I don’t understand why they do it. You always have to start from someone else’s success strategy, and this is mine.

Find An Offer. Lock It In. Hijack.

You have 30 minutes…. everyone does.. It really comes down to how you want to spend those 30 minutes.

Would you rather build up your online empire that is always fresh or “evergreen” offers with those same 30 minutes and have it still passively work for you, 3 days, 3 months, even 3 years later?  Or would you like guess at what works, take months to piece together and possibly get some sales at?

With LaunchJackr, you don’t need to buy PAID traffic

With LaunchJackr, you don’t even need to send out emailers to your list about your daily offers (however, there is an excellent advanced technique included in THIS very LaunchJackr training that will give you a twist capturing amazing hot leads!)

This training is bursting at the seams with easy-to-implement advanced tips only certain marketers use.

Again, no matter where you are starting at, LaunchJackr is for you.


Here is how:

  • Where and how to find great offers that easily convert and offer high commissions.
  • Getting approved as an affiliate for the products you want, even the ones that have a strict affiliate membership policy.
  • The equipment you need to get started… All FREE.
  • The FREE tools and software that will make affiliate marketing feel like a breeze.
  • The simple trick to make potential customers go CRAZY to buy the product you are promoting.
  • The FREE platforms that sell the best and how to get your content up there – the easy and smart way.
  • Watching sales multiply while others sit back and curse their fate!
  • And tons of invaluable information that expert internet marketers learn the hard way.

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“How can I be sure LaunchJackr is right for me?”

The next question may be about my guarantee. I stand behind what you can achieve with LaunchJackr so I'm gonna give you my “I-Have-Been-There-Like-You” 30 Days Money Back Guarantee as I am confident if you follow the system, you can do it.

I am a straight shooter and if this isn’t for you, I'm more than happy to give back the money you invested with me. No questions asked. Just drop me an email and within 23 hours, you will get your refund

I am going to flat out GIVE you the blueprint (in video format) to growing your online business, while attracting more customers daily, and profiting like crazy, utilizing these sought after insider techniques.

Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned marketer, this system gives you the BEST of both worlds in terms of training so you can win at this internet game.

I Am Already Enjoying My Financial Freedom And I Am Sharing This Course So That You Can Start Living Your Dream As Well.

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